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Welcome to the 2 wheel muse, the website that celebrates the stories, emotions, and experiences of all things two-wheeled. There are two main inspirations behind the creation of this site. First, it is the realization that the motorcycle has played an important role in shaping my own life, that the years of riding have provided me with a deep well of emotions and experiences. Second, in seeking to publish and share some of the stories that I was writing, I found there was no viable outlet; some motorcycle publications even have the guideline that they will accept no story with the word “I” in it.
In the 'Contents' tab, you will have the opportunity to choose from several links. It is a pleasure to include the stories, pictures, and experiences of other riders who have chronicled their own two-wheeled adventures. These stories can be found in 'Contents' by using the ‘Stories’ tab.

Photo galleries and other sundry comments can be found in 'Galleries'.

The ‘Friends’ tab is a gateway to other links.

So enjoy the site and browse around. I hope you find something that strikes a chord, something that inspires the muse in you. And when your muse inspires, write it up and submit it here, for all of us to share and enjoy. So if you are the literary type, or manage your club's newsletter, send us a story, and perhaps some images, to post on the site. The 2 Wheel Muse is a great place to publish a motorcycle piece. You can provide the link to your friends so they can access and enjoy your story online.

So, contribute something of your own to the ‘Muse’. The motorcycle world is waiting to see it.

Laudizen King  -  July, 2007

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'Sokhna Trip 2010' - a hot video from 'Bikers in Egypt' via Facebook - 5/10

'Road Trip to Texas' from Elaine Morris - 5/10

Elaine Morris in 'The Big House' - 5/10

'I Saw You Last Night' - remembering a friend from Elaine Morris - 01/11

Ship of the Desert: the Moto Morini Camel - by RC Herman -7/11

'The 25th Run to the Wall' - by Pat Rosales - 6/15

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