From Across the Pond

Ilham at Mop Cow

Chris Ellison sends us this picture of his wife, Ilham, and ride below the ruins of Mow Cop,
Cheshire County, United Kingdom  11/07

(Editor's Note - when Chris Ellison sent in this picture from England of his ride and his wife, I sent an email asking for some info about his bike. The following is his reply.)

The bike is a 1997 Kawasaki VN 1500 classic Twin, 4 speed - known as the Vulcan Classic. I have had it from new. I brought it to Belgium when I was working there.
While I was there I drove it round Europe - Amsterdam, Cologne, Paris - I ended up working in Paris for a year (where I met my future wife, Ilham). It was sweet to drive around the city with Ilham on the back - stopping at pavement cafes for a drink. My last great trip was when I rode the bike back from Paris, via Calais and the cross channel ferry to Dover and then up through England to Manchester. It was a 750-mile trip - thankfully, the tank only held enough gas for about 90 miles so it was an excuse to stop regularly to stretch my legs and give my numb ass a break. One of these days, I will put "pen to paper" and recount that journey in detail for posterity on your web site.

Chris Ellison
Manchester, England   Feb, '08