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Buddhist Stupa, Colorado

 Buddhist Stupa, CO
RC Herman

Billy, From 'Easy Rider'

Billy, from 'Easy Rider', did not die from that shotgun blast in Louisiana,
he lives in Colorado and drives a Norton chopper sans hat.
Here he is giving a local pickup driver what-for at a Norton rally 40 years on....

norton chopper
(gee, those look like quiet pipes)

Big Red

Diane Alves 2000 Vulcan Nomad 1500 - red (of course)

Diane Alves 2000 Vulcan 1500

Summit of Mt Washington, White Mountains, NH

summit of Mt Washington, NH

Biker Sentiment - Rte 395 near Lee Vining, CA  2005

             biker sentiment

Elaine's Shadow
Elaines Shadow

Elaine Morris