Newcomb's Ranch, August '07

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Newcomb’s Ranch

Custom Harley It was hot as stink in the Los Angeles basin so I took a ride up to Newcomb’s Ranch on the Angeles Crest Highway. I went up Route 2 past the La Canada Flintridge Country Club and on up into the San Gabriel Mountains. After making the climb I drove on past the Mount Wilson Observatory road towards Newcomb’s, about 10 miles beyond. Newcomb’s Ranch is a little jewel of a place surrounded by the Angeles National Forest. The temperature was 97 degrees as my car pulled in to the lot, too hot for a lot of people to be gathered at this watering hole famous for the eclectic mix of bikers who frequent it. It is a common destination for 2 wheelers throughout the southland, and it is not uncommon to see everything from the high-end technical team crotch rocket to the tricked out custom hog, and everything in between. And today would be no different.

Darrin the bartenderI asked the bartender, Darrin, what the elevation was. He replied that the barstool I was sitting on was 5380 feet above sea level. You heard it here. I ordered a couple of O’Douls, and they arrived ice-cold. It seemed to be a pretty common order for the riding set as I saw trays of them whisked outside to the picnic tables. Darrin said that the temperature reached triple-digits for a few hours yesterday, and that is damn hot up here.

I had a sandwich in the relative coolness of the bar. It was quiet; people were lounging around inside and out. It was too hot for much talk. A couple of riders pulled up on two powerful and beautiful Ducatis, they wore professional Team Ducati leathers that must have been hot.

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I finished and went outside to the benches in the shade. A couple of riders were enjoying cigars and talking quietly. The smoke smelled fine and I told them so. They nodded in appreciation. I nodded off as the hot weather post-meal nap came over me in the shade. People came and went; I was oblivious to it all. After an hour or so Ie got up and stretched, it was time to go. It was nice to see that even on a hot day like this, Newcomb’s was still Newcomb’s.

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